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Cheat Counter Strike : Condition Zero

Effect :

Automatically buys the best gun for your team. AK-47 for T and M4A1 for CT. - autobuy

Automatically ends the game and quits Condition Zero - quit

Automatically ends the game but doesn't quit Condition Zero - disconnect

Automatically kicks the bot/player if he kills so many hostages according to the value. Put 0 to disable. - mp_hostagepenalty <value>

bots only buy snipers - bot_sniper_only

Bots only use knives - bot_knives_only 1

Bring down the All Deleted Scenes - cl_levellocks 16382

Bullets fired on walls will get through walls. Effective if the player is hiding. - sv_clienttrace #

Disables the litte information on the bottom right corner when you have - +graph on - -graph

Displays commands for faster use on the left side of your screen. - +commandmenu

Dissables rogue bots, they will all follow your commands. - bot_allow_rogues 0

Doesn't give you more weapons. Instead gives you full money. - impulse 101

Enables auto-team balance. 0 = Off. 1 = On. - mp_autoteambalance <0-1>

Enables blood thickening on or off. 0 = Off. 1 = On - gl_spriteblend <0-1>

Enables cheats - sv_cheats 1

Enables player to be Right-Handed. 0 = Left-Handed. 1 = Right-Handed. - cl_righthand <0-1>

Enables the local player to automatically kick other players. 0 = Off. 1 = On. - mp_autokick <0-1>

Enables unlimited spraying - decalfrequency 0

enables you to fly - Fly

Ends the round, and you lose. - career_end_round

enemies do not see you - notarget

Enter this code if you have - "+commandmenu" activated only. - -commandmenu

Erases all the whole messages in the console. - clear

Executes the command by just entering the <letter> in the console. alias - "<letter>" "<command>"

Freezes time for the set ammount, the player can still walk around. - mp_freeztime <value>

Gives you the highest ammount of money you can have. - mp_startmoney 16000

go through walls - noclip

Instant Max Money - v

Invincibility - god

kick the bots - kick <bot´s name>

Kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is not planted - bot_kill

Lists available servers to participate in. - list

make the bot go to specific places - bot_goto_mark #number

make them just stand there - bot_zombie 1

Makes the bot's stand still. - bot_stop 1

Refreshes time on the console. - timerefresh

Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to change Friendly Fire. 1=On 0=Off. - mp_friendlyfire #

Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to make the bots only use knvies. 1=Only Knives 0=Not just knives. Deaf is 0. - bot_knives_only 1#

Replace "#" with 1 or 0 to make the bots stay still or move. 1=Moving 0=Non-Moving. - bot_zombie #

Replace "#" with a number and change the gravity. Deaf. is 800. - sv_gravity #

Replace "#" with a number to change the starting money. Deaf is 800. - mp_startmoney #

Replace "3" with a number to change the C4 timer. Deaf. is 45. - mp_c4timer #

Restarts your the round. - career_restart

Revive as a Counter-Terrorist - jointeam 6 ; jointeam 2

Revive as a Terrorist - jointeam 6 ; jointeam 1

Set the BOTS difficulties. - bot_difficulty

set the bot´s difficulty level - bot_difficulty

sets the gravity, lower #'s mean you can float alont, high numbers mean you take more damage for falling. - sv_gravity <value>

Sets the maximum players when creating a new multiplayer game. Only works before you start a match. - maxplayers <value>

Shows a little information on the very bottom right of your screen - +graph

Suicide - kill

The bots will not wait for you to rescue hostages, plant or defuse the bomb. - bot_defer_to_human 0

the bots will only buy pistols - bot_pistols_only

The game restarts after 1 second - sv_restartround 1

The game restarts after 1 second similar to sv_restartround 1. - sv_restart 1

to restart the map without losing any goals - restart

When enabled, bots/players who kills their teammate(s) will die on the next round. 0 = Off. 1 = On. - mp_tkpunish <0-1>

When set to 0, the screen will be black when any player from the server is dead. Switch to 1 to disable. - mp_fadetoblack <0-1>

You can see the last deaths of players on the specified seconds. - hud_deathnoticetime #

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